Dr. Peter T. Walling, MD, FRCA


Dr. Peter T. Walling is a clinical Anesthesiologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He lives on a ranch 30 miles outside the city with his wife, Jan.

Born and educated in England, Peter Walling studied medicine at The London Hospital Medical College, having first received an Honors degree in Physiology.

He started specialist training in anesthesia at The London Hospital in 1969, and won the Nuffield Prize for taking first place in the country in the Primary Fellowship Examinations at the Royal College of Surgeons. He was recruited by Baylor in 1976.

Dr. Walling has three United States Patents and has authored several publications. The main focus of his current research is the dynamics of the emergence of consciousness, both during evolution and waking up from anesthesia.

He has collaborated with Kenneth Hicks for five years in this fascinating quest.

Kenneth N. Hicks, BSHA


Kenneth N. Hicks is the Manager of the Anesthesia Department at Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas. He lives 28 miles outside of the city with his wife Linda and children Kenny, Kevin and Lilli.

He was born and initially educated in Tennessee, with further education at Washington, Iowa and Texas.

He left the Naval avionics field in 1990 and started a healthcare career at Baylor University Medical Center. He was the Chief of Biomedical Engineering for Anesthesia and Surgery for 10 years before moving on into IT and administrative areas of healthcare. He has assisted and consulted on numerous research projects and has always had a love of physics.

Ken has enjoyed working with Peter and many other physicians at Baylor.